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What We Do

What We Do

BSM's primary focus is air dispersion modeling.  We offer a variety of services to support this focus.  Read below for more details, or visit our Brochures page for our SOQ and various one-pagers.


Emissions Inventory Development

The development of an emissions inventory for modeling addresses not only the emission rate to be modeled but also how the source is represented in the modeling.  For example, a series of roof vents on top of a building could be represented as a buoyant line source or a series of volume sources; in such a case BSM works with its client to ensure that each source is characterized in a technically-justifiable way that best meets the needs of the modeling.

Air Dispersion Modeling

BSM uses approved and internationally accepted air dispersion models, with the workhorse models being AERMOD and CALPUFF.  Click below for a full list of models we have used.

Rusty Windmill

Meteorological Data Selection and Processing

An air modeling analysis must use meteorological data that are representative of the area being modeled.  BSM has extensive experience identifying appropriate data and then demonstrating their representativeness to regulatory agencies.

BSM uses meteorological data preprocessing routines (e.g., AERMET or CALMET) to develop meteorological data for use in air dispersion modeling.  In addition to meteorological data for analyses that we conduct we also develop data for other consultants who are modeling but cannot create the data themselves.

Ambient Monitoring Data

Air dispersion modeling analyses often include "background concentrations" of air pollution, which are typically obtained from air pollution monitors.  BSM helps its clients site monitors to gather these data and is also well-versed in analyzing the data such that they can be used most effectively in a modeling analysis.

Port Lekki, Nigeria Air Quality Monitori
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Permit Application Preparation

Frequently air dispersion modeling is conducted to support a permit application.  BSM not only conducts the modeling but also prepares local, State, and Federal (e.g., PSD) permit applications.

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