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Fluffy White Clouds

About Blue Sky Modeling

Blue skies smilin' at me

Nothing but blue skies, do I see

Blue days all of them gone

Nothin' but blue skies from now on

--Irving Berlin

BSM was built to help companies compete in today’s climate of changing air regulatory requirements.  BSM combines decades of experience with a streamlined vision of providing focused, reliable, and cost-effective air modeling for your business and permitting needs.

BSM focuses on the following:

  • Approved and internationally accepted air dispersion models including AERMOD and CALPUFF

  • Emissions inventory preparation

  • Meteorological data processing

  • Ambient monitoring data

  • Permit application preparation

BSM combines the reach of a large consulting firm with the streamlined efficiency of a smaller firm.  As a result, BSM is light on its feet and able to respond to client needs quickly with innovative approaches to both the art and science of air dispersion modeling as well as the business of environmental consulting.

Download our Statement of Qualifications to learn more about who BSM is and what we can do for you.

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